News from OWH - price and value

:: Price and Value Like every business over the last couple of years, many of our core expenses have gone up, and we've held the line and not made any changes. We'll continue to hold the line for resold accounts, and all of our value-added services; domain names, secure certificates, spam tools, and others. Starting March 1st the price of ... Read More »

11th Feb 2022
host17 connectivity issues update, Tuesday June 18th

One of our servers, host17 continues to experience some connectivity issues. Please know we are working as fast as possible to return service asap. We will continue to update clients on this server as we have more info.


One World Hosting Support Staff

18th Jun 2019
News from One World Hosting: Wordpress goodness, domain pricing

Better Wordpress with OWH   Wordpress is an amazing and popular web site tool, but it's also by far the most hacked application we see. Wordpress is patched and updated constantly, but most users don't or can't keep up, leaving their sites, information, and customers vulnerable. You can prevent this happening to your site by keeping every ... Read More »

8th May 2018
Spoofed emails "from" ENOM about your domain name

Faked emails from registrars (including eNom) are flooding the web - subject = "The following domain name has been suspended..." or "Domain XXXXXXXXXX.COM Suspension Notice" These are definitely spoofed - trying to trick you into clicking on a virus download link. Never click on a link or attachment you don't recognize!

27th Oct 2015
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